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Make every day count

Start the day with a clear to-do list that helps you keep track of your accomplishments.

Capture your memories, thoughts, and ideas with ease and full peace of mind knowing your data is secure. Read more about security.

Organization is key to unlocking productivity — get more time to focus on what matters to you.

Unlike some journals, JustDiary is a 0 percent addictive and 100 percent helpful solution.

Never lose your notes

JustDiary takes the pain out of grouping and ordering your notes. No mess. No chaos. No time-consuming clutter to sort through. And that means no idea is left behind.

Not like other journals

100% PrivateYour journal is for your eyes only. We encrypt data in-transit and at-rest and never share information with third parties.
FocusCut through the noise and focus your energy on completing one task distraction-free.
SharingShare your grocery lists, project ideas, and other notes with family, friends, and colleagues.
MarkdownEmbrace markdown to write faster and minimize distracting on-screen clutter.
RememberWe are building an integrated reminders system that makes keeping up with work and life responsibilities easy.
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MobileNever be without your journal, notes, and to-do lists. JustDiary is instant, intuitive, and always with you.
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